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The Ceremony Sessions

From:Thursday 19 October 2023
To:Thursday 19 October 2023
Time:6:00pm - 08:00pm Thursday 19 October 2023
Location:The Lighthouse Toowoomba , 126 Margaret Street , Toowoomba, QLD 4350 Australia


What are the Ceremony Sessions?

The Mystics' Ceremony Sessions are an opportunity to create sacred space for personal growth and spiritual evolution baby!

These experiences are designed to create space and time to ground you into Mother Earth so you can deeply surrender your soul as you astral travel to the scattered pieces of your subconscious stored in your energetic field yearning to be healed and aligned with the divine.

We set the stage for this deep transformative event so you can relax, recharge and restore not only the whole physical body but the energetic field too. These ancient instruments and methods are a proven pathway towards practical connection of mind, body & soul.

The Ceremony Sessions allow you the expansion of your spiritual foundation providing you with connection to your higher consciousness and therefore insights to what and who you are here to be whilst being surrounded by like minded individuals.

Our Mystical team gently facilitate your nurturing support as you emotionally release, process and integrate throughout this event. Often our guests experience vision journeys as the sounds take you on a spiritual pilgrimage off into a world of your own imagination.

So what is required of you?

Aside from bringing an open heart and an open mind, all you need to do is simply lay down, listen, receive the sounds and experience with your whole self, completely free from any judgement of yourself or others.

What to bring?

This is a two hour journey where you will be mostly laying down on the floor. Please bring along your own yoga mats, pillows, bolsters, blankets, warm comfortable clothes, water bottle, eye mask, or anything else to help you feel comfortable enough to completely surrender into this enjoyable experience.

Every part of you is welcome here.

We see you

We feel you

We hear you

We know you

We love you

We are YOU

And we cannot wait to hold this space for you and your spiritual evolution!

Who are we - What we do

We are three light workers who have come together to create mystical experiences like no other for deep community connection” 

Our Ethereal Light Hearted Goddess Lindy brings the soft gentle joyful light of spiritual YIN to our team, Courtney our Wild Child Rockstar transmutes the dark edgy underground energy of human YANG while Glenn our very own traditional custodian grounds us all into the history and heritage of our super sacred land sharing story and guiding us home to our creator spirit! 

Ceremony Sessions was born out of a shared desire to create sacred spaces around the world with sound healing journeys for our community, allowing space and time to receive, share, connect & integrate as one. 

Our dream is to enable healing within humankind to restore connection to our earth, ourselves, connection to one another and connection to spirit

We are the music makers. We are the dreamers of dreams.

The Lighthouse Toowoomba
126 Margaret Street
Entry charges - Adult$65
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